Tips and tricks for learning Auslan

If you've ever tried learning a new language before, you'll understand that it can be quite overwhelming. Auslan is no different, even harder because there is much more to remember than a simple translation of a word. You need to remember the shape, movement, and direction of your hands.

Below are some tips and tricks that we recommend you use when learning:

  • If you're having trouble remembering signs, a great way to improve your sign recall is associating the sign to something. Many of the basic signs in Auslan are "iconic", meaning the sign is connected to the object or action in some way.
  • When you are signing Auslan we recommend that you try not to talk at the same time. It's hard at first, and you can mouth the words if this makes you feel more comfortable, but it will help you in the long run as Auslan is grammatically different from English. By having your voice "turned off" this will enable you to sign grammatically correct.
  • The less you talk the more you will correctly use facial expression, body language and use more eye contact. These 3 areas are so important when learning and using Auslan.
  • Fluency in Auslan is best achieved with repetition. The more you watch these videos and practice the signs the better your sign recall will become. As little as 15 minutes of practice a day you will notice the improvements in yourself.