Transport signs

In the final group of signs, Darren teaches some transport signs. He explains that by signing it visually, whether it be going slow or fast, or by shaking your hand when a plane goes through turbulence, can show how something is moving.

Darren also provides an example of a long English sentence and shows how in Auslan this could be signed more visually. What do you think of the differences between the two versions of the same sentence?

There are no practice sentences in this video but hopefully you can think of some to sign to yourself such as:

Yesterday me buy new car

Tomorrow me go work on tram

Next week me see my cousin. He have old bus.

Last year my family went holiday with caravan

(at) my house have 4 bikes, 1 motorbike, 4 cars

My dad he loves watching trains

See attached PDF for a list of signs and sentences used in this video.

Transport signs.pdf