Auslan for Healthcare Staff

The 13 videos in this Healthcare School will assist any medical person with learning how to communicate in Auslan in a basic way in an emergency situation when no Auslan interpreters are present or available to assist the healthcare professional.

The Auslan Facilitator

As a deaf person, Darren uses his voice to teach you how to communicate with a deaf person in Auslan.

Darren established The Auslan Company in 2004 (and Learn Auslan Online in May 2020) to educate the wider community who wish to learn Auslan and general Deaf Awareness and Deaf Culture

Since 2004 we have taught Auslan in workplace and community courses, as Auslan LOTE in childcare centres and primary schools as well as teaching Auslan to families with deaf children.

We have 20 Auslan teachers working for The Auslan Company and prior to COVID-19 we were teaching around 4000 to 5000 children and adults each week.

Today, most of our teaching of Auslan whether to workplaces, universities or families with deaf children is done using Skype or Zoom. As well, our Auslan level 1 and level 2 online courses have been well received with over 800 students enrolled online since May 2020.




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Healthcare School

Health, medical and Coronavirus signs

These videos are designed to educate healthcare staff on how to communicate in Auslan in a basic manner when an interpreter is not immediately available in an emergency or healthcare situation.