Welcome to Auslan stories, songs and nursery rhymes.

Auslan can be learnt through different signing formats and signing through stories, songs and nursery rhymes gives you greater Auslan skills over and above what is taught in the Auslan level 1 and level 2 online courses.

Apart from stories, songs and nursery rhymes there are additional videos to watch such as interviews with deaf people (added to monthly), Acknowledgement to Country, National Anthem as well as videos such as ANZAC Ode "to the fallen".

We will add to the content monthly, some with voice and signing and some Auslan only.

These videos complement and build upon what you learn in the Auslan level 1 and level 2 online courses.

I hope you enjoy the content.

Hi, my name is Darren

To start off the free content l have uploaded a few signed stories, songs, and nursery rhymes. Over the coming months l will ask other deaf people and Auslan students to send in videos of themselves signing different things that are family orientated because the Auslan Levels 1 and level 2 will be adult orientated.

if you have a story, children's song or nursery rhyme you want to learn in Auslan then please email me - [email protected]

(Left) Darren with the amazing Bel Ellis, owner of Little Gnome Bookshop (and cafe) in Wynnum, QLD.

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Famous Deaf joke :)
Famous Deaf joke :)

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Childcare staff learning Auslan :)

My child at age 1 and the words he could sign (expressive skills) :)