Introduction to Auslan Level 2

Darren introduces you to the Auslan Level 2 Online course.

I hope you really enjoy having Brent and Raquel teach you in this course and if you have any feedback please use the comment section in each video so l can respond to you.

I'm really excited about this course and is very different to level 1 when it was just me. With two teachers signing you will be looking at each one as they sign one after the other. Eye contact is hugely important in Auslan so it'd a great way to learn to watch Auslan without looking away.

In the text box in each video l ask you to keep an eye on things such as how the use Non Manual Features (NMF), how they use eye contact, and their body language to get each other's attention.

Thank you again for learning Auslan Level 2 Online and l look forward to introducing you to Auslan level 3 Online around late August.

Until then, take care.



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