Introduction to Auslan Level 2 (written message)

Hello and welcome to the Auslan level 2 online course!

My name is Darren and I'd like to thank you for continuing your Auslan journey with us by purchasing this level 2 course. Unlike level 1, I will not be teaching in this course. We have two deaf non-verbal Auslan users teaching with a qualified interpreter providing the voice over.

It is natural for Brent and Raquel not to talk while they sign. We have chosen for them to teach this course as it is a different way for you to learn Auslan and it further reinforces how deaf people "talk" using their Non Manual Features (NMF's) and how they use eye contact and their body language when in conversation.

Currently, there are not available PDF's to download after each video lesson. We are working on this.

As was the case with level 1:

  • The videos in this course do not have subtitles for the same reasons as outlined in the level 1 course.
  • If you are finding the signing too quick to follow, click or tap on the gears icon on the bottom right hand corner of the video and then click/tap "speed". By default, the videos are set to x1, you can reduce it to .75 or .5 if you wish. 
  • After each video lesson there is a comment section where you can make comments / ask questions and we will respond to them as quickly as possible. Alternatively you can email me directly at [email protected]

All the best,