Transport signs

In this video the teacher teaches you some transport related signs.

Some of these transport signs are another great way to practice your DS. The signs are "iconic", they look the same at their own. For example, you can sign "BOAT" + moving quickly. This shows a speedboat. By signing it slowly and moving your hands apart (wide), it shows a big cruise ship.

Another great example of this is "PLANE". By shaking your hand when signing it shows to the person that you're signing with how the plane is moving, it is going through turbulence.

The teacher then gives an example of how a long English sentence can be show visually in Auslan. Try it for yourself!

See attached PDF for a list of signs and sentences used in this video.

As a classroom activity you can create a map of your state with say 5 important landmarks. How do you travel from the start to 1? (bus, train, tram, walk?) Each transport can be a symbol:


Tram = =====

Train = -------

and so forth. By using symbols to go between points start - 1 to 5 and finish - you can then sign your map to your classroom partner (they get given a copy of the 5 important landmarks and to this they add in the symbols between each landmark so that at the end we can see how they travelled to and from each place).

Transport signs.pdf
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