"Auslan is our passion and our goal is to

provide everyone with the opportunity to learn Auslan"

Auslan is booming! We love to see more and more Aussie schools choose Auslan as their LOTE subject over more traditional languages. However, the demand for Auslan instructors is huge, making it difficult to implement Auslan into schools. That's why we have created this course, it is everything you need to teach Auslan in your school.

The Auslan LOTE online course aims to be fun and interactive, and to create opportunities for children and teachers to develop, renew or update their Auslan skills.

Features of this course include:

  • 40 videos, 800+ signs in 25 major categories, plus videos to practice your fingerspelling and sentences to practice your Auslan grammar.
  • Downloadable powerpoint presentation with recommended curriculum and activity ideas for an entire year.
  • Taught by a deaf-verbal Auslan teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. Five of those as an Auslan LOTE teacher.
  • Tips and ideas on how the content of the LOTE course can be applied to any classroom using games snd classroom activities for Foundation right through to Grade 6. 
  • Downloadable PDF's after each video of the words / sentences (in English) that are taught in the video.
  • 100% online. All videos are all prerecorded and no "live" online sessions via Zoom you need to attend.

How you can use this course in your school:

  1. The classroom teacher learns the Auslan lesson for the week and prepares the lesson for teaching Auslan in the classroom.
  2. The classroom teacher learns the Auslan lesson for the week and then the video is shown in the classroom and the students learn Auslan by listening to the instructions and following the signs on the video as they are taught. The video can be repeated as many times as you wish.
  3. You can appoint an already employed classroom teacher to become the Auslan teacher throughout the school and uses the Auslan LOTE course to prepare the lessons and in turn teach each class at the school.


Access to our Learn Auslan online LOTE is $198.00 per classroom. This is an upfront payment and not ongoing, if you'd like to continue using the Auslan LOTE course for another 12 months you will need to make a new purchase. Accounts cannot be shared.

GST is included in this pricing.

For bulk enrolments please email [email protected] for an invoice and we'll organise setting up accounts.

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  Auslan LOTE
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