"Auslan is our passion and our goal is to

provide every Australian student with the opportunity to learn Auslan"

The Auslan LOTE online course aims to be a practical resource for the Auslan teacher by minimising planning and preparation and including videos, gramar information and lesson guides, games and activity ideas in an easy to use format.

Features of this course include:

  • 40 videos, 800+ signs in 25 major categories, plus videos to practice fingerspelling and sentences to practice Auslan grammar including important grammatical informational videos and notes.

  • Downloadable powerpoint presentation with recommended lesson guides and activity ideas.

  • Downloadable PDF of each sign and sentence taught in each video. These can be given to students to use as 'memory prompts'.

  • Videos have a verbal deaf teacher and two deaf Auslan teachers (with interpreter voiceover) to ensure a range of learning experiences for the Auslan teacher.

  • Tips and ideas on how the content of the LOTE course can be applied to any classroom using games and classroom activities for Foundation right through to Grade 6. 

  • Scope and Sequence powerpoints covering EVERY aspect of Auslan V8.4 is available by request.

  • 100% online. All videos are all prerecorded and no "live" online sessions via Zoom you need to attend.

How you can use this course in your school:

  1. The Auslan teacher learns the Auslan lesson for the week from the videos and prepares the lesson for teaching Auslan in the classroom.
  2. The Auslan teacher can view the videos as many times as they wish in order to learn the signs perfectly to teach the students.
  3. We recommend that the videos are not shown in the classroom as the students need to follow the Auslan teacher's directions without distractions.
  4. You can appoint an already employed classroom teacher to become the single Auslan teacher throughout the school or each classroom teacher can be the Auslan teacher for their class.


The Auslan LOTE Program is available to the entire school ongoing for a single payment of $3,300 (inc GST). Nothing more to pay.

For more information about the Auslan LOTE Program and for a trial session to view the material please email us at [email protected]

If the school is small, with 1 to 9 rooms and less than 200 students, then please reach out to us for a school specific quote.

The Auslan LOTE program for classroom teachers provides them with everything they need to teach Auslan LOTE saving them preparation and planning time throughout the years.

Our Feedback:

"I am immensely grateful for the structure of the Auslan LOTE program. The signing and comprehensive information provided made it an enjoyable language to learn. The categorization and segmentation of the material greatly aided in understanding Auslan, while also facilitating time-efficient planning and preparation." -       Rebecca Southgate-Hawks, Auslan LOTE Teacher

NOTE - Please be aware that even though we are an Australian company, Learn Auslan Online is hosted by an American teaching platform. This means that, depending on your bank, paying by credit card may mean that you incur a foreign transaction fee of 2-4%. We're happy to refund this, just contact us.

If you have any further questions or having trouble with checkout please email:[email protected]

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