Scope and Sequence (where to find info)

In this Auslan LOTE online course there are many aspects within the videos dealing already with the Scope and Sequence especially in relation to grammar. Below is a list of the grammar points and in which video they can be found so that you can tick off certain scope and sequence points;

  1. Getting attention - Deaf etiquette video
  2. Signing space - Deaf etiquette video
  3. Eye contact - Deaf etiquette video
  4. HOLM / NMF - HOLM / NMF video
  5. Tenses in Auslan - How to use Tense in Auslan video
  6. Statement / questions - Question signs video
  7. Using facial expressions - Deaf etiquette video and Question signs video
  8. Using body language - Deaf etiquette video and Question signs video
  9. Size and Shape Sequence- Description signs video
  10. Verb inflections - Weather video and Depicting Signs (DS) video
  11. Word order flexibility - Understanding Auslan word order - (notes only)
  12. North and South signs - North and south signs - what does it mean (notes only)
  13. Proforms - What are proforms and how to use them? (notes only)

As we are sure you are aware, the scope and sequence is massive!! It can be quite overwhelming for new Auslan teachers.

As we have done the research, have the answers and the knowledge (being deaf), if YOU need any assistance with the scope and sequence (over and above the listed videos and notes) please reach out to us at [email protected]

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