Learn Auslan Online is proud to present this Auslan for Babies course.

Auslan for Babies has long been believed to be beneficial for them as they can learn to communicate their needs through signing before they can talk. In the early stages of their development infants know when they want something but they cannot express it verbally.

Using Auslan signs overcomes this resulting in happier babies and toddlers (and parents!)

The course is 100% online and as the videos are all prerecorded you can work through the course at times that are convenient to you. Your enrolment has lifetime access! It's yours to keep! No more fees or add-ons you will never be locked out of the course. Watch the videos as many times as you like.

This course is appropriate for newborns to six years old.

What is Auslan for Babies

Auslan for Babies is a collection of 10 basic Auslan videos to begin to introduce Auslan to your child. Having fathered three children myself, I have seen first hand the benefits learning Auslan can have for an infant.

I do not advocate that learning Auslan as a baby / toddler makes children smarter, however it does make them more alert, watchful, and have good eye contact. They are also bilingual which is fantastic for their brain development.

Auslan is great fun to learn and l hope you share the language with your family and friends too.

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