Welcome to our collection of Auslan stories, songs and nursery rhymes. These videos are an additional way to improve your Auslan skills while learning Auslan Level 1 and Level 2 online.

I have always loved signing stories, songs and nursery rhymes to my children and as an Auslan teacher in childcare centres and in primary schools teaching Auslan LOTE.

Your enrolment into this course comes with a lifetime of access, meaning you will never be locked out of the course. There are also no restrictions on how many times you can replay a video.

These videos are an extension of my passion for using Auslan across different formats. I hope you enjoy the videos; some of which are voice and signed and some are signed only. Most are my own translations and elsewhere you may see different variations.

New content will be added regularly so please revisit the page every so often.

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Hi, I'm Darren

I established Learn Auslan Online in May 2020 and as of 2021 I have been teaching Auslan professionally for 18 years. I am passionate about teaching Auslan and l hope you become passionate about learning Auslan as well

Since its launch Learn Auslan Online have received enrolments from a wide array of people including: emergency services staff, hospital staff, primary school teachers, childcare educators, university students, families with deaf children, workplaces with deaf colleagues or customers and people just wanting to learn Auslan for fun and to learn a new skill.

Auslan is great fun to learn and l hope you share the language with your family and friends too.

'My Daddy is Deaf' book

My Daddy is Deaf is story from the perspective of a child of what it’s like to have a deaf Dad. His ears may not work and he uses flashing lights around the house to tell him things (like when he’s burning the food!) but he is the same caring, funny, and loveable Dad with hobbies and interests just like others. 

This book is perfect for families, childcare centres and primary schools as an insight into being Deaf.

You can order a copy of the book by emailing Darren at:

[email protected]

It is $30 including postage.