Auslan is our passion and our goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn Auslan

The Auslan Company is proud to present this amazing and unique Auslan Level 2 (intermediate) Online course. With 22 videos, 600+ signs, and 150 set sentences for you practice with there is simply NOTHING else like this in Australia. At the end of the course there is a two-part assessment that covers your receptive (understanding what is being signed) and expressive (signing yourself) skills before a certificate in Auslan Level 2 is emailed to you.

The online course aims to be fun, to create opportunities for people to further develop their Auslan skills, or to renew and update their Auslan. You will learn in depth information about Auslan grammar and the importance of space and description in Auslan.

Once you've enrolled into the course you will have access to all the videos 24/7. There are no restrictions on how many times you can replay a video nor is there a time limit on you having to complete the course.

Brent is one of the teachers in this course along with a female Auslan teacher. Both are deaf and non verbal. They have a qualified Auslan Interpreter providing the voice over. All of their signing of the sentences is natural Auslan to them. There was no script to limit them.

There is a comment section after each lecture where you can ask myself or the school community questions about signs or information you are unsure about.

I hope you enjoy learning Auslan in this online course and thank you for your interest in Auslan and the Deaf community.

Overall there are 22 videos containing:

  • 1 x Introduction
  • 20 x Groups of signs
  • 1 x Online Assessment

There are:

  • 20 groups of signs to learn
  • Over 600 signs altogether (plus many extras not listed in the categories)
  • Over 150 sentences (most groups have 10 sentences each)
  • At the end of most of the videos both Auslan Instructors sign freestyle
  • To learn to read the sentences you can turn the sound off (once you have watched them with sound on)
  • There are no captions because we want you to watch the Auslan Intructors as this is how you learn to read and understand Non Manual Features (NMF).

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Auslan Level 2

Master Auslan Level 2 in this unique online course

This course has over 600 signs across 22 videos and 150 set sentences for you practice with. In each video our Auslan Instructors Brent and Raquel will go over sign and at the end will sign freestyle to help you practice your understanding of Auslan. Each video contains voiceover from a qualified Auslan interpreter. 

Auslan is Fun!

When we taught Auslan in our community and workplace courses we had a lot of fun and laughter.

In this online level 2 course two deaf people will teach you more Auslan with an Auslan interpreter providing the voiceover.

If you have friends, family or work colleagues learning with you then you could create Auslan coffee clubs to sign without voice or link in to the Level 1 students facebook page to find others to practice with.

Remember, Auslan is fun and l hope you enjoy learning more signs and sentences with the tutors :)

Paramedic students from Victoria University (St. Alban's campus) learning Auslan Level 1 and 2

Childcare Educators learning Auslan Level 1

Students from Deakin University learning Auslan Level 1 and 2 with Brent (standing far left) who is one of the teachers in this video.