"Auslan is our passion and our goal is to 
provide everyone with the opportunity to learn Auslan"

Courses featured in this bundle are:

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Features of this bundle include:

  • Everything the Auslan Level 1 and Auslan Level 2 courses have to offer. 1200+ signs across 40 categories, 50+ videos, and over 200 set sentences to practice your signing.
  •  100% online. All videos are all prerecorded and no "live" online sessions via Zoom you need to attend. 
  • Lifetime enrolment! It's yours to keep! No more fees or add-ons you will never be locked out of the course. Watch the videos as many times as you like.
  • Experience the difference in learning Auslan via deaf-verbal and deaf non-verbal teachers

Our online courses aim to be fun and to create opportunities for people to develop, renew or update their Auslan skills. You will learn about the differences between English and Auslan word order and importance of facial expressions and body language in Auslan.

There is a comment section after each video lesson where you can ask myself or extensive community questions about signs or information you are unsure about.

⚠️ This course is not an accredited Auslan course, and does not count towards any credit for one ⚠️

I hope you enjoy learning Auslan in this online course and thank you for your interest in Auslan and the Deaf community.

Our Feedback:

"Darren, thank you so much for the way in which you presented Auslan Level 1. You brought humour into it, which I love and made it an enjoyable language to learn. Categorising and breaking it down the way you did was helpful to get through and refer back when needed" - Nada Cevizovic (level 1 student)

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