Learn Auslan Online is proud to present this Auslan for Children course.

Children love learning Auslan. Whether they have a deaf friend or sibling, or having seen Auslan interpreters on TV, fostering the compassion and support they want to give to the people that are "different" to them is fantastic for their development.

This course is appropriate for ages 7-11, either individually, with their parent/carer/teacher, or or as early learning for childcare centres.

The course is 100% online and as the videos are all prerecorded you can work through the course at times that are convenient to you.

What is Auslan for Children?

Auslan for Children is a dictionary of over 400 Auslan signs designed to introduce children to the joys of learning Auslan without the complexities of Auslan grammar.

The course has 23 categories of signs with all course videos around two minutes in length. Every new sign in each video is signed twice with the word next to the person signing.

There is a downloadable PDF of all the signs featured in the course for you to keep track of the signs that you learn.

The full course curriculum and free preview videos can be viewed below.

Your enrolment has lifetime access! It's yours to keep! No more fees or add-ons you will never be locked out of the course. Watch the videos as many times as you like.

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